Dear lovely bride-to-be, Thank you for your interest to know more about bridal henna service. We will serve straight to your doorsteps. For your information, Dayu Designs price will be quoted base on your desire designs and house location. I was hoping that I could have a few minutes of your time to feed me with your required details. This will help me to check availability, provide henna artist based on your location and proceed in replying price quotation for further booking. Kindly fill up the online form in 'Contact Us' Section. To view the designs codes, kindly browse 'Gallery' section or please 'LIKE' Facebook page - Henna Dayu Designs to view the latest bridal henna designs.
Kepada bakal pengantin yang menawan, Terima kasih di atas minat anda untuk mengetahui lebih lanjut mengenai perkhidmatan lukisan inai pengantin. Kami menyediakan perkhidmatan terus ke rumah pengantin. Untuk mendapatkan sebut harga perkhidmatan inai pengantin dan mengetahui samada kami masih mempunyai kekosongan untuk tarikh yang dikehendaki, sila isi borang online di bahagian 'Contact Us' . Untuk melihat kod desain, sila layari bahagian 'Gallery' atau sila 'LIKE' Laman Facebook - Henna Dayu Designs untuk melihat lukisan corak inai pengantin yang terkini.

Bridal Henna Designs - On Feet (Paste On)

Ukiran Inai Pengantin Penuh - ATAS Tapak Tangan
(CLICK! on the thumbnail below to retrieve the design's code| KLIK! gambar di bawah untuk memperolehi kod rekaan)

SIMPLE Bridal Henna Designs On/Side Feet (with Paste On)
Ukiran Penuh Inai Pengantin bercorak RINGKAS di ATAS/TEPI Dua Belah Kaki (dengan Tempelan Inai)

HALF-INTRICATE Bridal Henna Designs On Palms (with Paste On)
Ukiran Inai Pengantin bercorak SEPARA SARAT di ATAS Tapak Tangan (dengan Tempelan Inai)

EXCLUSIVE 3D ROSE / INTRICATE Bridal Henna Designs On Feet (with Paste On)
Ukiran Inai Pengantin di ATAS Dua Belah Kaki bercorak SARAT / EKSKLUSIF ROS 3D (dengan Tempelan Inai)


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